Todd Quam is a professional aerial photographer living in Northern California with his wife and six children. He started his photography career in 2002 after 17 years in the corporate world followed by the dot-com bubble burst, which quickly ended a very enjoyable career at AT&T & Lucent Technologies. As one career was quickly coming to an end, a new career was on the horizon.  Todd had a strong desire to venture into the professional world of aerial photography after seeing an ad in Entrepeneur Magazine. That desire coupled with his sales experience and a God given talent for looking through the lense, brought together the ingredients to launch Digital Sky Aerial Imaging.

Now, over 15 years later, Todd's son Gabe and daughter Bekah have joined his staff, along with our book-keeper Rick Watson.

Todd and his team serves key markets such as the commercial real estate industry, construction companies, developers, engineering and architectural firms. He has a broad list of existing clients, and has completed assignments in every major west coast city.

You can reach him at (916) 803-2844 or by email,


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